Friday, 1 June 2012

OK so on with the second post... and it's a video

If you get a jackpot on Christie's machine in DOAX2 (You have to bet the highest possible amount though) you get treated to this little scene. If you manage to get 9 jackpots in one sitting (not easy considering the fact that you lose 1,500,000 if you get 3 bombs) you get a golden ticket which allows your chosen player to do a pole dance in any outfit you own.

Look out for the next post where Kusami get's to use her golden ticket!

Until next time, don't forget to geek.

The NSFW Nerd.

Hi and welcome the NSFW nerd blog!

So whats it all about? Well nerdy shit mostly, but sexy nerdy shit! I'll be posting video's, pictures and reviews about the seedier side of geekery.

So just to get us started here's some lovely gamer girls enjoying their fave pastime while wearing as little as possible :-)

Now wasn't that worth 5 mins of your time (especially that last chick with the braces, how nerdy is she).

Until next time, don't forget to geek.

The NSFW Nerd.